Clarinet Project

Pete has always tried to include some clarinet in the many varied bands he’s played in, particularly in bands where clarinet wouldn’t usually be associated with the style. His 2014 album, “Time for Your Bathysphere”, explores the use of the clarinet (and contra-alto clarinet) in a jazz/funk/world context.

Available from most download stores – try Bandcamp for the best audio quality.

Listen below:

“FANTASTIC MUSIC!!! The creative level and the story in the improvisations are world class. And, it’s rooted in tradition yet very personal, and in the world of clarinet we need that!”Tim Price (NYC jazz saxophonist/electro-bassoonist/educator)

“Whether it be some funky tracks or world music, Newman gathers up some players to push the sound to the limit and change your mind about your great granddad’s instrument of choice.” – DJ Prestige, Flea Market Funk

“Pete’s storming solo work sounds so great because it’s unexpected and unusual, grabbing your attention like a funky wailing banshee” – Matt Tasker at Fresh on the Net

“This new album represents a significant intervention, bringing the clarinet’s strengths – its soft, distinctive tone and agility – into unusual areas.” – The Musician (MU Magazine)